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  • Official country name
  • Capital
  • Population size
  • Gendered dimension of conflict drivers
  • WPS Index Score and specific dimensions:
    • Inclusion:
      • Education
      • Financial Inclusion
      • Access to health services
      • Employment
      • Cell phone use
      • Parliamentary Representation
      • Local representation – municipal/regional
    • Justice:
      • Absence of legal discrimination
      • Son bias
      • Discriminatory norms
    • Security:
      • Intimate partner violence
      • Community safety
      • Organized Violence
      • Attacks against women activists
Socio-Economic Context
National Action Plan (NAP)
Gender Equality
  • Number of women in the armed forces
  • Age bracket of women in the armed forces
  • Rank of women in the armed forces
  • Number of women in police force
  • Number of women members in terrorism groups
  • Percentage of women in prison population
  • Number of female casualties as a result of conflict
  • Number of women refugees and IDPs
  • GBV at home – % of women suffering from domestic abuse at home, Number of Honor Killings, & Number of Shelters
  • GBV in war – % or number of women who suffered of GBV during wartime
  • Community safety – % of women (15 years and older) who feel safe walking alone
  • Number of Women Mediators/Negotiators in Track 1 Diplomacy & Track 2
  • Number of women in government – Number of Women in Legislative Branch, Executive Branch and Foreign Policy (diplomats)
  • Civil Society – Number of Most Prominent Civil Society Organizations focused on women’s political inclusion
  • Women in protests – number of women (and/or organizations) present during protests
  • Education – % of women who have completed secondary education
  • Employment – % of women in the labor force
  • Health – Life expectancy of women
  • Rate of child marriage
  • Average age for marriage
  • Right to divorce (Yes/No – include conditions of divorce)
  • NAP history:
    • If NAP available, specify if first or second generation and latest document would be available for download through the map
    • Number of national institutions involved – if NAP process is there
  • Country progress

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